Do not feed the artist

In 2011 Erik Wuthrich was invited to work and exhibit at Retort Art Space in Amsterdam. The installation Do Not Feed the Artist looks like a cage, as if in a zoo. The artist as a strange species. The sunflower seeds in the bag refer to Vincent Van Gogh and the myth of the poor artist. It divids the workspace from the exhibition space of the gallery. The public could drop by to visit the show and see Erik Wuthrich at work and interact with him. The project titled The Other Eye was an attempt to be like a tourist in his own town, and get inspired by his daily surroundings by changing work space, routes, routines, and have an open eye and mind set.

. Erik Wuthrich & Karin Bos . Do not feed the artist . installation . sunflower seeds chicken wire chains ink watercolour screenprint silk wood plastic . 300 x 500 cm . 2011 .