Travel Agent

The installation Travel Agent is the result of two journeys that Karin Bos and Erik Wuthrich made together. On one of those, they followed the river Duero/Douro through Spain and Portugal, with the artists drawing water from the river at its spring and at the place where it flows into the ocean. Back in the Netherlands, Bos and Wuthrich collaborated on six blown glass objects, made by them at the National Glass Museum Leerdam. Three of these were filled with the spring water (the three top ones on the wall), and three with the water they bottled at the end of the river (the three lower ones on the wall). The photo in the background was taken at the Dettifoss waterfall of the Jökulsá river that they followed while travelling through Iceland.
The installation Travel Agent was the opening wall of the exhibition Expedition Nature at CODA Museum in 2017 /2018. After the show it travelled to Germany where a small version was part of the exhibition Expedition Natur at Kunstverein Springhornhof. In 2020 another version of the installation was shown at Museum CAB in the Spanish city Burgos and it was published in the catalogue Los ojos del extranjero – Expedición Naturaleza.

. Erik Wuthrich & Karin Bos . Travel Agent . installation . glass water sealing wax photo watercolour on paper . 300 x 900 cm . 2017 .