Wild Life

Wild Life is a sitting sculpture, instead of ‘do not touch’ it invites the public to take a seat. It consists of three parts, all individual abstract sculptures inspired by nature. The organic shapes resemble growing plants, like mushrooms, while the black, brown and yellow surfaces look like camouflage patterns of animal skins. The friendly and soft appearance is achieved through manipulation of physical processes such as expansion and solidification. Not only adults are drawn to the works, also children are instinctivly attracted and play on the sculptures. The mozaics are made of frost resistant tiles. Wild Life fits well indoors as well as outdoors, and has been exhibited in sculpture gardens in the Netherlands and abroad, and at CODA Museum in Apeldoorn, Kunstverein Springhornhof in Germany and Bravis in Roosendaal.

. Erik Wuthrich . Wild Life . polyester polyurethane ceramics . 3 parts, large one is 95 x 150 x 125 cm . 2007 .